Where Can Gay People Get Married

Where can gay people get married is a question that is constantly changing in the United States. More states are now adopting a same sex marriage policy that allows gay marriages, although not all states have joined this movement. Learning more about the laws concerning gay marriage is a good first step before planning your wedding.

The Laws

To date, only five states have legalized same sex marriages. Where can gay people get married is a question that does include some legal considerations, as well. The five states that allow same sex marriages are Iowa, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire. The District of Columbia also allows and recognizes same sex marriages. When considering gay marriage, you may need to travel to complete the ceremony. Depending on the state that you reside in, however, your marriage may not be recognized by local laws.

There are also some states that have been close to legalizing same sex marriages, such as Maine. The laws in these states may change quickly, so if you are wondering where can gay people get married you may want to check for updated listings of states before planning your trip. Choosing a nearby state can be more convenient for both you and your partner as well as guests attending the wedding.


Where can gay people get married is a controversial question in many states. Staunch opposition in some states, such as Missouri, make it difficult for homosexual citizens to gain the rights that they deserve. Changes in the way that marriage is perceived as a social institution is an important aspect of changing the views of the opposition, who often cite religious views as one of the main factors in their opposition.

Marriage is also a social institution that allows partners to share their assets, as well as their life, without the need for wills or other paperwork.

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