Hate Crimes Against Gay People

In the last few years the government has set up more strict laws against hate crimes against gay people. These laws were put in place as a way of showing that the government was aware of the rise in hate crimes against gay people, and that they were going to try to do something about it.

Although on the surface of it these laws may seem like something that no one would be opposed to, it is just not that simple. There were many who were opposed to creating stricter laws against hate crimes against gay people because they felt it gave a special place to a certain group of people. The argument from those in this camp was that a crime is a crime, there should be no special category of crime when that crime happens to impact a certain type of person.

The other side of the argument came back by saying that these laws are important to make sure that hate crimes against gay people are deterred. They wanted to make it clear that they believe that we realize that certain groups of people are much more likely to be the victims of hate crimes, and we should be doing something about this.

In the end, the pro law side basically won the debate. It is an argument that still carries on in the public though. There was plenty of new legislation that was put in place to classify more actions against gay people as hate crimes. We do not yet know what impact if any these new laws will have on the amount of crimes committed against gay people. It simply has not be long enough since these laws were passed to get an accurate feel for how it has worked. Time will tell on this one, but there is no doubt that the debate will continue.

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