Gay Women

It is unknown how long gay women have been a part of society because very few societies in history allowed women sexual freedom. However, it seems that lesbians, like gay men, have existed as long as people have been having sexual relationships, as evidenced by the fact that lesbianism has become a very public sexual orientation since the women’s rights movement. Before then, lesbian and transsexual women hid their identities or repressed themselves. In the case of Billy Tipton, born Dorothy Tipton, his real gender was hidden throughout his long, public musical career, even from his wife. Later, questions asked of Mrs. Tipton revealed that they were sexually intimate, showing that Billy Tipton was indeed a gay woman.

When being a gay woman became a thing that could be vocalized, it was still taboo. Lesbians were seen as mentally ill or confused about their gender. Two women living together were better off hiding their lesbian status. It certainly would not help them get jobs or respect. Gradually, that began to change. It has taken decades to go from women being allowed to hold jobs outside of the home to women being free with their sexuality, but the time has come.

Today, gay women can be as open as heterosexual women. Yes, there are still those who feel uncomfortable about lesbianism and people who discriminate against lesbians. However, the law protects them from being discriminated against in the workplace and they are slowly but surely gaining the right to marry in various places. Some gay women, such as television’s Ellen DeGeneres, are not only open, but are immensely popular. The world is stripping away restrictions on sexuality when it comes to gay women. This is meaning more jobs, ability to adopt, the option to marry and overall more fulfilling lives for gay women.

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