Gay Cruises

Gay cruises have become one of the most popular travel options in the GLBT community. While it may be difficult to feel totally free and open on an ordinary cruise, gay cruises come with the added luxury of full freedom among your peers. You’ll find an atmosphere of tolerance and conviviality that can be difficult to duplicate, particularly during the uninhibited nightlife. If you or your partner are consider a gay cruise, you’ll want to get the most out of the experience. Knowing a few tips and warnings beforehand can make the whole process much smoother, particularly if you’re a first timer. These do’s and don’ts include the following:

–Bring Rubbers And Lube. This seems obvious, but many amateurs fall into the trap of waiting until they set sail to get supplied. Don’t make this mistake! A shop on board will sell out its stock in no time, and you may have to depend on the mercy of your shipmates.

–Air Freshener. Not all close contact is good. Be sure to bring something to make the close quarters on gay cruises a little more pleasant.

–Don’t Bring Drugs On Board. Another no-brainer; this one may be easily taken for granted, but don’t forget that poppers may be illegal depending on your destination. Also, most cruise ships won’t allow you to bring alcohol on board.

–Get Prescribed. If you need extra supplies of any medication, be sure you’re well stocked before you set sail. Most health insurance doesn’t cover out of country costs, which can leave you with a hefty bill if you have to make an emergency stop on land.

Above all, be sure to remember to relax and have fun. Gay cruises are meant to be uninhibited, spontaneous, and fun, so be sure to bring yourself to the party and make it a memorable occasion.

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